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THT Colours of Spain Design Tour

The Heartful Traveler’s ‘Colour of Spain’ design tour was an incredible opportunity to explore the vibrancy of Spanish design, gastronomy, architecture and culture. From the cosmopolitan Barcelona, to the traditional and historic Granada and the glamorous San Sebastian the tour guided us through the traditions and developments in Spanish design…

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Colour Palette Advice

Colour Palette Advice Colour is in our DNA. And it’s a good thing, too, because truly excellent colour design adds a massive amount of value to an interior design project. With an almost unlimited number of colours to choose from, it takes an expert knowledge to understand how a Timeless…

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Texture Schedules

Texture Schedules You can get absolutely everything right in a room, from the colour scheme to the furniture, lighting to positioning, yet somehow still miss the mark. Almost always, if you’ve nailed each of the aforementioned aspects of interior design but still fallen flat, it’s because you’re lacking texture. Texture,…

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Interior Design

Interior Design The DNA interior design service begins with a consultation, designed to build a thorough understanding of your goals, budget, and vision. We believe in combining aesthetic beauty with practical functionality to meet these conditions. We offer interior design solutions for a wide variety of clients, including: Property owners…

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