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DNA Designs' Director, Nadine Donazzan, is a teacher at the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD). ISCD has been providing leading accredited and industry courses in design and colour for over 30 years. The focus of the school is to provide students with skills that they can apply to real-world occupations, such as interior design, surface design and colour design.

Nadine’s breadth of skill and qualifications allows her to provide instruction over a range of courses. She currently teaches the Certificate IV in Design and the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

The ICSD Certificate IV in Design
This course provides students with the foundational skills needed for design, including techniques, colour application and the creative process. Graduates create a comprehensive design portfolio that students can use to continue studies or apply for work. Nadine instructs on the following subjects:

• Applied Colour
• Colour Foundation
• Residential Interiors 1

As well as teaching weekend workshops for ISCD
Understanding Colour

Corporate Training for ISCD/ DULUX
• Dulux Colour Essentials

These subjects are all centred on using colour and design to transform a space. Without these crucial elements, a property can never live up to its full potential.

The fact that Nadine has been chosen to work at such a prestigious institution, is proof of her skill and knowledge of Colour and Design techniques. Nadine studied at ISCD herself. It’s where her passion for design and colour was ignited.

Nadine applies what she learnt at ISCD every day. It gave her the practical tools she needed to utilise her talents at Design and Colour in a professional setting. Many clients have benefitted from the time she spent at the institution, and she is now dedicated to giving back and giving her students the skills they need to transform spaces.

Why Choose DNA Design?

Nadine has worked on several award-winning designs, by employing her skills and knowledge of visual design. DNA Design has shown time and time again, that they have the ability to add value to a property. As members of the Masters Painters Association and alumni of ICSD, DNA Design has the backing of two of the most respected bodies, in colour and design.

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