Texture Schedules

Texture Schedules

You can get absolutely everything right in a room, from the colour scheme to the furniture, lighting to positioning, yet somehow still miss the mark. Almost always, if you’ve nailed each of the aforementioned aspects of interior design but still fallen flat, it’s because you’re lacking texture.

Texture, in the context of interior design, refers to the perceived sense of touch ascribed to the objects in an environment. It’s certainly not the case that an environment will always benefit from the most obvious sorts of textured items and surfaces. Most often, texture plays a subtle, background role in the feel of an environment.

Modern Texture

Along with bold colours and an assortment of other things, the right kind of texture in a room can really makes it pop. An experienced interior designer from DNA Design will provide the subtle understanding of texture that will take your environment to the next level. Examples of texture include the following.

  • Architectural texture, including chair rails, crown mouldings, and tray ceilings.
  • Furniture, such as wooden benches, wicker dining chairs, and marble or stone counters.
  • Décor items, such as flowers.
  • Floor and wall coverings, from lavish fabrics to throw rugs.
  • Curtains

Whilst many items can offer texture to a space, it’s an understanding of how texture can be wedded to the rest of the design that is most important.

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A member of the Master Painters Association, we’ve been taking Sydney by storm since 2010. DNA Design provides texture schedule solutions that will bring your environment to life.

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